Anything Really Is Possible When You Believe…and Let Go. And Trust.

Stacy Hope Small
9 min readOct 31, 2016


This time last year, I was on my way to a Deepak Chopra retreat in San Diego and looking back, it’s the one-year anniversary of when everything in my life was truly starting to change. I had just rescued 9-year old Holly (nicknamed for her adoption date of Halloween Day) after seeing her adorable face pop up constantly for days in my social media feeds). It wasn’t weird at all (yes it was!!!) that her shelter name was “Daisy Hope” and my name is “Stacy Hope”, or that she had an uncanny resemblance to Riley, my original angel dog — a gorgeous golden/cocker spaniel I had to put to sleep at 15 a few months prior. This dog was meant for me, obviously. I felt called to bring her into my life a year ago, she “magically” appeared and it was the start of a life-altering journey of truly believing that when you let go of what was (in this case, my sadness over missing my girl Riley), anything is possible.

Fast forward a year: I’m here on Maui (!) in a beautiful house I manifested for myself and my three pups just weeks after attending a second Deepak Chopra manifestation/meditation retreat in April here on Maui. During that time, when Deepak asked the questions of us “What do you want? What are your deepest desires?” I kept seeing images of Maui and having thoughts that I am meant to be here at this time in my life. Six months ago I had no idea I’d have the best of both worlds, with a house on Maui as well as the ability to keep my apartment in Los Angeles but that’s exactly how it played out. I followed the procedure to bring my three dogs as well as my car over here, and after months of back and forth and a few unforeseen life challenges, here we are. I’m about to turn 47 this week, my life is a million times different than it was a year ago. The wrong three-year relationship that was draining my energy and preventing me from being my best self is nothing more than a history lesson that taught me so much about what I don’t want in my life. I’m a walking cliche of being able to not only truly manifest what you desire, but to set your intentions, let go of the outcome and trust that things will work out in your best interest to bring you the highest level of joy and peace and love and abundance. Anything short of that is a waste of time as we are all smart enough to know that life as we know it can change at any moment.

Letting Go of what doesn’t bring you joy is the simple secret to manifesting what will.

I had one of those bizarre days yesterday that almost seemed to be too good to be true at every turn. I just kept saying to myself “Holy shit, this is my life,” every time another rainbow would appear overhead and with each encounter/experience that exemplified my own personal manifestation powers. The day started like most here; I took the pups for a walk at the nearby beautiful park and then took myself down to the beach for a power walk. It was a bit cloudy, but not enough so to dampen my day (yet) and one of the most beautiful rainbows I’ve seen lit up the sky. That was sign number one of the magical day to come. This was followed by yet another rainbow that appeared overhead when I had to take cover under the trees at the beach during an instant downpour. I felt compelled to take a photo as evidence that is real life here on magical Maui.

Rainbows light up the sky almost on demand here as a reminder of life’s natural beauty.

While on my way home, I received a text message from a girl I had contacted the night before after seeing her slightly used patio set for sale at a crazy reasonable price on the local Facebook bulletin board. It was literally just the night before that I’d asked a few local friends if they knew where I could buy a patio set as I really wanted one in place for my birthday gathering at the house this week. Odd as it seems, despite year-round great weather, no stores on Maui sell outdoor furniture during the “off season”, and I was told to resort to Craig’s list or Facebook to source what I needed. I basically put into the universe my need/desire for an outdoor table and 12 hours later I’m in nearby Haiku buying a great table and a great price. It got better. Since the table was too large to fit in my SUV, I asked the seller if she knew anyone local with a truck I could pay to pick it up/deliver. The guy there helping her neighbors move happens to have a friend who does just that, within minutes we had him on the phone and for $50, he will pick up the table and bring it to me on Tuesday evening…just in time for my Wednesday birthday party. Kismet? Maybe, but I prefer to think of it as manifestation in full force.

Driving home from this sweet encounter, I decide to randomly stop into the local deli (the Kuau Store) for a coffee and to see if maybe they had some healthy salads or other items I might want to serve at my upcoming birthday party. Not two minutes later, while perusing the deli case, a guy working there says to me (verbatim): “We don’t know each other, but I know who you are because you used to come into Maka a lot and I am the former head chef there. Someone forwarded me your photo on Instagram about not loving the changes to the menu after I left, and I was hoping I would run into you so I could thank you for all of the support you gave us while I was there.” WHAT? I nearly fell over. I’d been so bummed when I found out last month that my favorite local restaurant lost their chef and with it, the best items on its gluten free menu but hadn’t really given it much more thought other than hoping he’d land somewhere else nearby and I’d eventually hear about it given Maui is such a small island. But for this to occur on a random Sunday morning, for him to not only recognize me but to be well aware of the fact that I frequented his former spot 3–4 times/week for my first few months here, that just blew my mind. We talked for a bit and he told me he was now helping his friends who own the Kuau Store revamp their menu and prepare for an upcoming marketing blitz to get the word out. This was music to my ears and next thing I know, we are texting about what he/his friends at Kuau Store can prepare to serve my friends at my birthday party in a few days. I seriously can NOT make this stuff up. It was another example of letting go (of my annoyance that my favorite restaurant could no longer be that given the loss of their amazing chef) and “randomly” stopping in to see what the universe might (literally) serve me for birthday dinner options. I’m still in a bit of awe of how this scenario unfolded, as timing is nothing short of impeccable and again, a reminder that we do get what we need when we ask for it and detach from the outcome.

When we stop worrying so much about the outcome, that’s how we get what we desire.

Because these two encounters alone weren’t quite enough to restore my faith in my abilities as a power manifester (ha!), I opted to head to a yin yoga class at a beautiful space about 15 minutes down the road. I wasn’t familiar with the teacher and I’d never been here (to Lumeria) before, but I’d heard great things and wanted to check it out. Driving onto the grounds was like entering a zone of happiness, with stunning ocean vistas from the lush lawns decorated with beautiful Buddha statues, crystals and just an overwhelming sense of peaceful energy. One more happy place to call my own here on magical Maui was yet another sign that I am in the right place, at the right time. I walk into the yoga room expecting to meet a new teacher and to my delight, it’s Ruby, the island’s only true “Kundalini” yoga guru, and a woman many have told me I need to get to know. I had been to one of her classes elsewhere recently and made a note to self to get to another one soon. She just happened to be subbing for the scheduled teacher of the class I “randomly” showed up to, and I ended up getting a private session with her since no one else joined us.

Again, I have to express deep gratitude to the universe for connecting me here on Maui with simply the most incredible group of people — each with their own special gift of healing and warmth and a desire to welcome me into their life. Ruby and I had the opportunity to chat after class; I learned that she is a cancer survivor and that she opens her classes for free to any other survivors on island. She and I talked about our mutual desire to bring more people to Maui for healing/wellness retreats and it felt like our meeting was a set up (by who, who knows, but who cares?!). And, this all wouldn’t have been quite so serendipitous if my reiki healer/friend hadn’t told me the day before during our session that she believes I have a calling here on Maui to bring more people to the island in some sort of retreat/wellness fashion tied to my contacts with the travel business and all of the new connections I’ve made to the island’s best healers over the past few months (who have all contributed to my ability to truly and finally LET GO of whatever is not contributing to my own true happiness and best possible health). Again, I just kept shaking my head, looking up and saying THANK YOU, and taking comfort in all of the signs that all is truly well in the world. Despite unavoidable challenges that we all encounter, the goodness of life is there for each of us to grab onto and decide how to embrace.

As if this day could not possibly get any more special, Ruby told me that Lumeria was having a “Full Moon Sound Healing” last night, and while I had a lot of other things I had planned to do, it seemed like the right thing to do. Talk about magical. Surrounding myself with positive energy and people who speak my language and share common goals (peace, love, abundance, joy) was the most amazing birthday gift I’ve ever given myself. It’s the path I’ve landed on not due to sheer luck but by setting true intentions to Let Go of whatever does not bring me joy, and to welcome into my life all that does. As we close out October, and I close out what has been a life-changing year, I wish for all of us the ability to set clear intentions, manifest our desires and live out our dreams in a peaceful, happy way. That’s how I plan to celebrate year 47 on this beautiful planet.



Stacy Hope Small

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