We ALL Fall. It’s the comeback that counts.

Stacy Hope Small
4 min readApr 25, 2018

While sitting at my home office desk, waiting for both Tom the washing machine repair guy and John the noise-diagnosing plumber to show up this afternoon, it occurred to me that they were both on the verge of being late enough to wreck my plans for a 3pm work out with my favorite trainer. While initially being annoyed that my schedule was being messed with, I quickly changed my tune to one of gratitude since getting these guys here today (hopefully) meant the end of whatever’s been causing mystery foghorn noises everytime we turn on a faucet. And, that the newish washer that’s been on the brink of something since I moved in four months ago should be restored to better form.

So yes, grateful became the theme of the day as they both arrived and handled their respective areas of expertise so that peace and quiet was restored in my home. At 3:05PM they had left, and since it only takes 10 minutes to get to FS Athletics, I texted my trainer that I wasn’t going to skip the work-out, we’d just shorten it slightly today. He texted back: “Come on in.”

What happened next is like a scene out of an Amy Schumer comedy, except it really happened…and to me, not a blonde actress playing me. I wish. After a quick drive down to the Bird Rock neighborhood, I pulled into a parking spot down the street from the gym thinking I’d rather walk a few blocks than scramble for a closer parking spot. I hadn’t taken the time to put my sneakers on so I threw them in the car and snatched them up along with my phone, my purse, my keys and apparently, not my head, and quickly headed towards the gym.

While I fully know that it’s so not okay to not use the cross-walk in this particular neighborhood (there are tons of signs stating so), I was such in a non-mindful hurried state that I ran across the street in my flip flops, hands full. And then as if scripted, I literally fell flat out while my phone and everything else in my hands spilled out into the street. I broke my fall with both hands and both knees, and the ancient memories of skinning knees too many times as an active sporty kid came flooding back.

Oh my god, I thought to myself, I so knew better. That’s what I get for not using the safe crosswalk a block away. I was completely mindful of what I was doing to cause the slip but yet it was actually so unexpected and out of character for me that it was pretty freaking funny.

The super-cute and kind guys who came sprinting out of the nearby Skate Shop to make sure I was okay and to help me gather my stuff before it (and I) got flattened by approaching cars were in disbelief at how quickly I got up and carried on. I was a little stunned but all I could do was thank them, look up and thank God for protecting me (after all, I could have fallen flat on my face!). My hands miraculously weren’t bleeding so I just shook it off, as my dad taught me many times to do (I can still hear him saying, “you’re fine, it’s all okay, get back on the field”). To this day, I know all those “minor” sports injuries on the soccer and softball fields contributed to my resilience and higher-than-average pain threshold.

I walked into the gym a little bit flustered and laughing at myself when I told my trainer what just happened. My knees were kind of hurting but not enough to miss what was left of the planned work out. I figured, the universe just wanted me to be reminded of the importance of NOT RUSHING anywhere, and to be mindful of things like crossing streets correctly…as we teach kids to do. The universe clearly didn’t want me to miss my strength-building workout that I’d been looking forward to all day.

When I got home, I dared to take a peek at my knees and saw that yep, they were totally skinned and requiring a little TLC. When I texted my trainer to let him know that I’d probably gotten what I needed as a reminder to slow down (and follow street crossing rules), he told me not to be so hard on myself and reminded me that “Shit Happens” to everyone. Accidents happen.

True that. We all fall. It’s how we get back up that matters. Humble yourself or life will do it for you. xo



Stacy Hope Small

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